Thursday, March 7, 2013

DIY: Diaper sprayer shield

We are a cloth diapering family.  I catch a lot of crap for that.  Get it? crap.   Yep... Not as funny as I thought it might be. 
There is a product on the market similar to this and it is only about 20 dollars. However I wasn't able to find one to purchase as they are all out of stock everywhere I looked.  & I'm a DIY  kind of gal anyway.
So I made a quick run to the dollar store and picked up a plastic clip board and a plastic folder. We already had duct tape on hand.
I attached the folder inside out so when I sprayed the water the junk would not get stuck inside the pocket of the folder.
After I made this I anxiously waited for the baby to give me a poopy diaper to work with.  {Insert your own corny "you know you're a mom when" joke.}
The verdict:
It's definitely an eyesore but it works amazing and for under 4 dollars, it was definitely worth it. 
If you're not a DIY'er, check out the Spray Pal - Cloth Diaper Sprayer Splatter Shield on Amazon.  The reviews look excellent, and it'd be to your door in about 2 days with Amazon Prime.


  1. Oh Q, you always know how to make me smile. :) Nice job!

  2. Hi there,

    Just wanted to let you know that the product you are talking about, the Spray Pal, is in stock on the website at Just in case there are any non-DIY types out there who are interested in helping support this small, family-run business. ;)

  3. Found this on Pinterest, Thank You so much I made one and it has been wonderful to not have water and poop fly everywhere.

  4. That's wonderful! I'm so glad you made it! I see it get pinned often, but wonder if it's actually being made too.
    You just made my day!

  5. I just made one tonight. I even added snaps to it, so it would lay flat. Thanks for your tutorial!

  6. It's still working like it did on the first day! It still looks just the same too. I had hoped that at some point I would make it a little nicer, you know, using fancier duct tape. haha. But I haven't, and it's been just fine.

    The snaps are a great idea. I have seen some done that way and think they brilliant! I just didn't know how to do the snaps, but this has worked just fine for us.

  7. I wondered if a flexible cutting board would work instead of the folder. I think I will try adding snaps with my snap press too...

    1. I'm sorry I'm just seeing this. & I bet it would! Did you make it? If so, how did it turn out?

  8. Thank you for this! I made one and just got to try it out. I enjoyed using full diaper sprayer power without fear of a catastrophic mess all over my bathroom! :) I pinned it also.


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